What were the changes brought by the agricultural revolution?

The agricultural revolution brought many, basic changes. Man no longer lived as a wanderer, following the migratory habits of the animals, risking his life in the chase. He now remained in the same place, perhaps for many generations built a permanent home, and became a neighbour to his fellows instead of a tribal competitor. Once settled, he creates communal meeting places, villages and cities, where he could bring the produce of the land to trade for the work of artisans who made implements and farming tools. It was a new type of culture for the former wanderers, a life that kept him in closer contact with his fellows. There was another change in the basic life of man with his development of agriculture. As the cities increased in size and became filled with people who were not food-producers, the need for a larger food supply arose. Farms had to be extended and new lands prepared for the plough. Inevitably, this expansion led to conflict with neighbouring cities that were expanding their own.

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